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To provide world-class educational content and resources to active traders from both our companies, to build leads and exposure for each other.

Eligibility: only well-known MoneyShow expo speakers, book/article authors and top trading industry experts are being invited to participate. This is not for internet-marketer-type trading outfits, lesser known people or non-experts. Definitely not for that cross-email launch pitchfest crowd of trader-marketeers that endlessly affiliate promote overpriced launch stuff to everyone with hypey emails.

This is a strategic countermeasure; to provide genuinely useful training to active traders from us experts. I'm extending an open hand to all the credible educators, like myself, that want to work together sensibly to build our businesses. We want to bring the best to our traders. So people like my colleagues Steve Nison, Peter Bain, Toni Turner, Dr. Van Tharp, Kathy Lien and others of that level are who I have in mind for this, only. Others, stay tuned for our new affiliate program launching later.
Reach more traders by partnering with us for trading webinars to present both of our companies' training and offers to each others' lists. The main goal of TradeWebinars is to build leads for each other while delivering top-quality content (and offers) to the trading community.
I developed three different choices, to be flexible and figure out the best-performing approaches we can use. I'm open to alternative approaches as well, just contact me with any ideas/suggestions.

This is the easiest way to agree to cross-promote for each other; you'll send an email to your lists to promote one of our events, and we'll do the same for you. These should be scheduled to go out during the same week for each other. We do not present in each other's webinar nor together in this; it's a simple "you promote for me and I'll promote for you" way to promote for each other.

This is a typical approach used by many, and usually produces the fewest leads, since a "go see this other person's webinar" email blast gets modest response. It's best to do events where we both present, since it gets the loyalty and interest of both our lists together. But if your time is very limited, this is a good way to start.

This is where we host a trading webinar featuring you, that we both promote to both our lists. I will introduce you, and if you want we can do some brief Q&A together on the topic during this event. I do recommend that I be involved somehow, either just to introduce you and/or to do some interactive Q&A like a tv talk-show interview approach at the start of your presentation, for audience involvement.

We both send out a promotional email to both our lists to our traders; the webinar is held on our gotowebinar platform. By having your event on our platform, you get exposure of both your list and ours in a single event. We may offer a replay/download link as well, depending on the event and presenter.

You can make an offer at the end of the presentation; we request that you deliver high content quality (at least 90% of the webinar should be practical how-to tips; not promotional messages; you can make a brief promotional offer at the end).

I built out an entire site dedicated to this approach, please see for complete details, video explanation of how it works, and more. While a bit more complex to set up, I believe it's the best way to work together, since we are both presenting during a 2-part series to both of our lists, on our separate platforms. If time is short, however, than one of the first two choices may be best.
In this innovative approach, we schedule a 2-webinar series (webinar #1 on my Gotowebinar platform, webinar #2 on your platform (Gotowebinar/AdobeConnect/Omnovia recommended). We each present for 30 minutes during these two webinars, and therefore double our exposure to our leads, along with brief offers at the end of each presentation.

You speak for 30 minutes, brief offer, then I do the same; and we repeat this on two separate webinars (scheduled a week or two apart). This is designed to build better interest level and involvement from traders, which can generate stronger sales and give a better presentation.

Got another idea? Let me know
The above 3 choices are the best I can develop, if you have an alternative idea or approach to suggest, feel free to run it by me, I'm open to new ideas. The main thing is that it needs to be fair and equitable for both of us, and that we both do send out emails to both our lists as agreed upon, for it to be mutually beneficial. Contact me with the support form below to talk.

Our Professional Expectations In Working Together: We realize that many credible industry speakers and other educators may not have huge six-figure lists, so we have modest expectations. If we can produce just 50-100 leads or more for each other, that's a good start. With "webinar burnout" from traders, we realize that some events may not generate hundreds of leads instantly like they used to back in the 2005-2010 era... and that's ok with us.

The main expectation is that you're honest, and that you do send out the email you agree to, to at least 90% of your leads (as we will). We recommend that you optin to our main newsletter (as we will do, or already have done so) via anonymous email address, to 'seed', or check that in fact emails are sent as agreed to.

This is something we recommend for all trading educators (optin w/anonymous email to verify emails are sent as agreed upon) as we've found some dishonest educators out there that agree to send emails, but fail to do so (this is especially true with the 'new' internet marketing outfits that pose as traders; they don't email their entire list, just a fraction at most). Of course if you work with us and do not email as agreed to, I won't work with you again... I expect honesty and integrity from our partners.

There's no cost to participate, we just ask that you also send an email to your lists to co-promote this, as we will for ours. This offer is open to selected industry partners only.

: for webinars that we participate in, we're always booked at least a few months out, so plan on us scheduling webinar(s) at least 3-4 months from the time you contact us.
In accordance with our privacy policy (and FTC regs), we never directly share our traders' emails with others, however for our "Be Our Guest" and "JV Trading Webinars" options we will send a followup email to all registered webinar attendees on your behalf to send them to your site, where you can ask them to optin for your offers. Do not ask us to provide emails or contact information of anyone who registers for a webinar on our platform; we do not share our leads data, per our site privacy policy.

You can also present a brief promotional opportunity at the end of your webinar to everyone, so that you can sell your educational/other products to them. We will never send out direct leads information via xls/csv to partners, nor will we ever ask that from you -- all leads data is kept confidential. That's one resaon we like the approach, since we're alternating platforms, so that traders optin to both our webinar lists, so we both get "clean" leads, while maintaining privacy.

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Why work together? What's in it for me?

A: As a top-respected industry figure with a solid list of traders that trust me, working together can give you exposure to a new audience you never had before. And by working together, we can generate leads for each other and visibility to more traders, which can help increase sales for each of us.

Q: Is there any revenue-sharing required?
A: No, this is separate from any affiliate or revenue-share effort. All your leads and sales that you capture are yours, as is the case for me. This is all about pr/visibility and lead generation for each other, so no revenue/affiliate commissions are required, by either of us.

Q: What webinar platform do you use?
A: I personally use Gotowebinar, and recommend it.

Q: How do I get leads from doing this?
A: While we don't share leads data directly, in accordance with our privacy policy, all 3 options are designed to help produce new leads for you. Either with a webinar swap, or one in which you're our guest, or we co-present, you'll get exposure to our list as we promote the event(s) together.

Q: How long does it take to schedule these?
A: For simple cross-promotion 'Webinar Swaps' we can schedule that within a few weeks, to add to both of our email schedules. For events requiring me to be there, we are usually booked for the next 2-3 months out as a minimum, so plan on scheduling for a few months out, for joint webinars we do together.


By working together, we can potentially deliver many new leads to each others' businesses and reach more traders.

We like to use a fresh, innovative approach to delivering world-class trading webinars. We've done trading webinars since 2000, to thousands of traders worldwide. They should be fast-paced, informative, useful and helpful to traders, with a brief promo offer at the end. Slow-moving or self-promotional webinars have become commonplace and tiresome; we like to give traders better content.

Contact us via support ticket or with the form below. Allow 48 hours for a reply. Thanks for your interest! I look forward to the possibility of working together to build leads and business together, while helping traders with new strategies.
If you're an Expo speaker or well-known author or industry expert, just let me know of your interest and/or questions. If you're one of the people that I feel would be a good fit for this, I'll follow up and we may schedule a phone call or follow up via email.

Who Is This Well-Respected Trader (& Expo Speaker), Anyways?

Ken Calhoun is President of Daytrading, and (with Steve Nison). Having provided online training to thousands of active traders from over 32 countries since 1999, he is an internationally published trader who's earned industry awards and critical acclaim from traders around the world for his professional trading systems.

Featured in leading trade publications and events including Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine, Active Trader Magazine, Moneyshow's Traders Expos,, and CBS, Ken has been a popular figure in the active trading scene for over a decade, and has co-produced two bestselling stock trading DVD systems with Steve Nison.


Although He's a UCLA Grad and Former Corporate Quality Engineer, Discovering How To Trade Still Took Him YEARS to "Get It Right" — Work Together With Ken

Ken will tell you he made every mistake in the book (and then some) on the path to learning how to trade correctly. Now he's able to make thoughtful trade entries, thanks to meticulous testing and experimenting to find out what works best, updated for each week's markets. As a former corporate quality engineer and statistician, dozens of Fortune 500 companies (including Ford, McDonnell Douglas, Sheraton, Chevron and Rockwell International) relied on him to help them improve operations and "the numbers"... he took this experience to help him learn how to trade, and he's thrilled with what he's learned.

Ken reveals new trading tips in this new webinar for active traders, so you can learn everything he's tested out with hundreds of actual trades he's done.

As an internationally published business management consultant, Ken previously trained over 31,000 people in over 147 companies worldwide. He took his profits from his successful consulting career and discovered the world of active stock trading, where he's been working to help other traders use precision, advanced trading strategies in their trades.

Ken's Daytrading University site has been trusted by over 8,100 traders worldwide to learn how to swing and day trade stocks, and is considered a premiere resource for active traders. He has interviewed Brian Tracy, Toni Turner, Dr. Van K. Tharp, Larry Levin, Steve Nison, Kathy Lien, Boris Schlossberg, Dr. Doug Hirschhorn and others and is a popular, sought-after seminar speaker and industry figure with credibility.

Unlike the majority of people in the trading industry, Ken is a genuine trader and has helped thousands of traders since 1999, when he first founded the Daytrading University.


Comments from some of our traders are posted below, from when we originally launched this site (it's popular):


Thanks, everyone for helping make this such a success -- I really appreciate it. You've all been great.

Congratulations!  Everyone whose comment appears below has been sent their individual webinar registration link for
How To Enter & Exit Pivot "Reversal Play" Trades: Thursday Oct 28th 8pm EST.

October 27th, 11:34PM

"The methods and ideas presented in your webinars are of high practical value. I think you have done a fantastic job, from a technical standpoint as well as being responsive to input and answering questions. I would like to see in the future how to apply new trading tactics with changes in current market. Thanks for the continual help and inspiration." - Sergey S.

October 27th, 11:14PM

"Swing Trading -I'm finding it difficult to pull the trigger in the choppy market conditions so having guidelines in setting a trailing stop would be beneficial." - A.A.

October 27th, 9:43PM

"Ken, I bought your DVD course and am just getting started in it. My problems center around finding breakouts and setting stops." - Harvey S.

October 27th, 9:25PM

"How to determine better entry points and a strategy to scale up positioin size on winning trades." - Bryce

October 27th, 9:23PM

"I am a community banker and have been for 32 years. I have helped others make fortunes so now it’s my turn. I can’t trade during trading hours, which is why the Forex appeals to me. I’m counting on you helping me to get liberated from my banking job to replace my current income as well as support charities and do volunteer work. I need a sound trading plan to help me accomplish my goals so I’m counting on you dude!" - Daryl C.

October 27th, 8:35PM

"Specific price patterns associated with price swing reversals on the e-mini S&P" - Chris P.

October 27th, 8:30PM

"I would like to learn when to get in and out for trading. How does your system work on Australian share market." - Ema A.

October 27th, 8:24PM

"I would like to be a confident trader by mastering an entry and exit strategy that works." - Nelia Z.

October 27th, 8:11PM

"If you use 60 day chart instead of 55 day chart will that work when using your ADX informaton. Also, can you go over 2-day high trade." - Gerald B.

October 27th, 8:03PM

"Looking forward to any new information that will add an edge to my trading." - Rob S.

October 27th, 8:01PM

"I would like to learn how to trade the Forex market." - Bob

October 27th, 7:30PM

"hi ken , have attended your webniars ( good stuff , no crap) i would like to know if you have different tactics for intraday breakouts than trading daily breakouts . looking forward to know how you trade pivot reversal plays during 1)strong trending markets and 2) choppy sideways markets." - Maalik A.

October 27th, 7:05PM

"How to determine good entry and exit points." - John B.

October 27th, 6:47PM

"I'd like to see more detail on spotting possible reversals and using additional signals as confirmation to enter and exit Forex. Thanks Ken!." - Laura K.

October 27th, 6:27PM

"80% of the profit is made in about 10% of the trades. So, how can we reduce the number of less effective trades?" - Madura P.
Reply from Ken: Hi Madura, good question. I've found that while part of it is learning better scanning and trade entry/exit signals to follow, the fact is it's very hard to get over 40-50% right in the percentage of actual trade wins over time. The way to win is to scale up into winning trades, so that you position-size and make more from the winners than the total cost of stops from the losing entries. It's not about the percent of winning trades that counts, its the percent of P&L capital you make over time, the dollars, that add up to more than losses, as the primary trading goal. It's all about the money, the P&Ls, not win percentages.

October 27th, 5:58PM

"entry points -momentum plays and when to get out. want to be profit trader on a consistant basis. directional trader? i want to play the move (got to see the move to play it?) thanks." - Thomas V.

October 27th, 5:57PM

"I need help predicting reversals, as well as break-outs." - Donna F.

October 27th, 5:44PM

"I get fearfully after a loss and can't get back in, and I'm not good about stops." - Andrea R.

October 27th, 5:35PM

"I would be interested in any courses/webinars on trading the Emini to generate income on a regular basis." - Bonnie

October 27th, 5:33PM

"Use of indicators for day trading QQQQ,or similar Rsi,or Wilder's RSI ,Macd+ histo, Ema's 5 /10,etc." - Chuck E.

October 27th, 5:27PM

"would like to see 'Tools & Tactics' recommended for trading the S&P eminis and also the Russell eminis added to the program." - LJL.

October 27th, 5:06PM

"Can I learn how to trade like a robot/computer?" - Rob F.

October 27th, 5:00PM

"I'd like to see more momentum strategies for morning trades. I'd also like to see more tw day beak examples for etf's. Thanks for your insightful webinars.." - Eldridge Mason

October 27th, 4:53PM

"I am just learning about your website, and your trading methodologies. You have a good and honest reputation in the trading community. Thus far, I like what I have experienced." - Michael L.
Reply from Ken: Hi Michael, hey that made my day -- thanks for the very kind words.

October 27th, 4:43PM

"Hello ken
I really appreciate what you doing. The fact that you demonstrate your own trades is giving real perspective to the webminars. The only problem is that most of the webminars are held at time that eastern counrties as ISRAEL. If the webminars will at , 4:30PM EST for example or 5:30 PM EST it will be bearable... Other option is to leave video recording on the web for a while." - John B.

October 27th, 4:31PM

"good day. i am starting to trade the equity market and would like to be guided on the entry and exit in trading. i believe there are stocks that are suitable for swing trading and day trading. your techniques should be very helpful in our approaching either of these." - Benjamin U.

October 27th, 3:49PM

"I would like to see more on volume amount (%) when pulling trigger. More on the Trin & pre-market indicators like s&p, futures,and a few more I Can't remember.(QQQQ)As an indicator. Thank You Ken Calhoun." - Jeffrey A.

October 27th, 3:26PM

"Because I have a fulltime job I really cannot daytrade. It is sometimes possible for me to swingtrade. It may be against your personal style and type of trading, but can you offer webinars on longer-term trading approaches? By the way, all your webinars I've attended have been great, though you do move kind of fast through the material; but I've learned a lot of new things (using 55-day charts, 2-day breakouts, and the ADX indicator)." - Jen L.

Reply from Ken: Hi Jen, thanks. Many of my trading materials nowadays are in fact geared specifically for swingtrading (which can then be used as well for day trading for those who wish to do that as well). For example in and over half the examples and content are specifically for swing trading. Thanks for the kind words, will do re slowing the pace just a bit, getting the comments here has been a big help to me in deciding what to focus on, with actual trade examples and entry/exit techniques. Good points.

October 27th, 2:46PM

"I would appreciate much if you show more forex trade examples, specificaly early reversal trades." - Barbara K.

October 27th, 3:15PM

"How to determine entry and exit strategy based on trends, market capitalizations and volume." - Angel R.

October 27th, 2:04PM

"I would like to learn when to do partial lots and when to go all in. Thanks." - Julia B.

October 27th, 1:57PM

"Hi Ken, I have attended one of your webinars before; a lot of useful information. I'm looking forward to this one. I'll be there..Any good money management strategy?" - Guy N.
Reply from Ken: Hi Guy, certainly -- listen to this interview I did with the "father" of position sizing, Dr Van K. Tharp recently. Also I just held my position sizing three-webinar series, it was popular since I used actual real broker P&L examples of real trades I'd done to illustrate my scaling-in and trade management strategies. More to come...

October 27th, 1:54PM

"As a new trader, I would like to see how you look for trading patterns for good entries and how to place stops." - Sandy L.

October 27th, 1:52PM

"I would like to see what indicators you use with s/r and pivots." - Batya C.

October 27th, 1:42PM

"so tips for us concerning discipline issues. and end of day tactics( depends on where you are in the world). is there a difference the way you look at it." - Torn S.

October 27th, 1:41PM

"Interested in learning more about reversal pivots, buying/selling the market when indicators such as the breadth, advance/decline indicate the general direction of the trend." - David K.

October 27th, 1:38PM

"i would appreciate a discussion on the time segmented approach to trading. public versus professional. thank you." - Bernie B.

October 27th, 1:29PM

"I have just started trading full time, and have been investigating pivot points, so this is very timely. I'd like to see examples of using the pivots on both trending and choppy markets, as well as some advice on discerning between the two. Thanks!" - TD

October 27th, 12:24PM

"I am interested in how to select equities for day-Trading" - Ted M.

October 27th, 12:44PM

"Hi,I really want to learn how to precisely determine the situation of the market,either ranging,trending or ready for a breakout" - Matt

October 27th, 12:53PM

"I want to learn how to find stocks that are at a reversal point for option trading." - Stan U.

October 27th, 1:09PM

"Like to learn something new when watching the webinars. Would like too see how too pick the stock too daytrade?" - Whitney Y.

October 27th, 1:02PM

"Does your trading plan include a specific trading "time zones"?" - Emil

October 27th, 12:52PM

"Looking for simple and yet powerful setups" - R.S.

October 27th, 12:48PM

"it would be nice if you could cover position scaling in and especially out. As they say, it's easier to enter but real challenge is when to exit. Keep up the good work. Thanks" - Aleks

October 27th, 12:19PM

"I would like to learn from you how to analyse the broader market and identify potential reversal signs. Thanks..." - Lee
Reply from Ken: Hi Lee, smart point. That IS one of the topics I'll be covering in Thursday's live webinar, because it's an often-missed area that traders seem to struggle with. They mistakenly trade specific chart patterns in isolation, without putting the trade in context of the "big picture" (like the VIX, TRIN, 2-Day high/low COMPQ/S&P, sector percentages, ETF percentages (like the SPY/QQQQ vs VXX/FAZ/QID spread) and other must-know tactics. I'll go over it on Thursday. Thanks.

The trading industry is a lot like the movie "The Matrix", where much of the training is, frankly, surface level bs that professional traders laugh at. The truth about trading is that it's very difficult and you need to know how to combine multiple indicators for decisions, and that your "unrealized P&L" column in your trading workstation is your most important trading signal -- you use charts to scan, your P&Ls to manage your trades.

October 27th, 11:59AM

"I would like to learn how to recognize reversals and use it in my trading" - Michelle

October 27th, 11:55AM

"we like to see if ken can make a nice deal with esignals to learn demo trade for a full year with their software from them ;-) i will like to see how to avoid false breakouts and how to look for end of day forex trades.(gmt + 2).Tom S.

October 27th, 11:34AM

"More winning trades would be nice" - Jaswant M.

October 27th, 11:22AM

"Your webinars are great!! As far as I can've nailed it. It would help me (if it's convenient for everybody) if you could start them about one hour later. I work out of town and by the time I get home it's too late sometimes. PS: I enjoy your informalality...!" - Jim B.

October 27th, 11:14AM

"I would like to see in future webinars more on tape reading, entry and exits. Yours teaching is great learning alot keep up the great work!" - Perry S.

October 27th, 10:12AM

"I would like to see your top down approach with all your settings when you start to look for trades in the morning..from the pro" - Jens R.

October 27th, 9:57AM

"I appreciate you trying to educate the average investor who wants to make a living in the market. Your teachings are understandable and yet inspiring." - Catherine P.

October 27th, 9:55AM

"I truly enjoy the entry and exit points. The entry always seems the easiest so I need to learn discipline that as soon as I see gain to take my profit. Is this something you struggle with to as a beginner?" - Nick C.
Reply from Ken: Hi Nick, right - managing exits correctly was a huge struggle for me, for years in fact. What I've found in testing out thousands of trades over the years, is that good trades feel "late in, early out", vs the other way around... being more selective on when to get in, then using partial-position trailing stops to lock in gains (as well as buy-stop orders to add to winning positions w/position sizing), is essential.

October 27th, 8:54AM

"Your stuff is informative - u should slow down a bit" - Glenn S.

October 27th, 9:46AM

"I'd like to see your techniques for risk/reward forecasts/calculations." - Sean M.

October 27th, 7:36AM

"Will be at your next event, won't miss one moment. Every product, article or Webinar has been very helpful and full of knowledge of the Markets. Thank You" - Patrick W.

October 27th, 7:35AM

"I would like to hear you talk more about confirmation triggers such as RSI 14." - Mike M.

October 27th, 7:08AM

"I write a little as I do not speak fluently in English. Me signals of an input and an exit in day interest. Figures, indicators." - Sergey L.

October 27th, 7:05AM

"Always looking to learn and improve my trading skills. Thank's." - Vince

October 27th, 6:29AM

"Candle reversals and previous day brakouts are earning me money. I try to keep it simple. Thanks Ken" - Guillermo

October 27th, 5:06AM

"Anything worth doing well is worth doing poorly until you learn to do it well." - Mark H.

October 27th, 5:04AM

"For those of us with a short attention span, a regular reminder of whats up next throughout the event..." - Guillermo

October 27th, 4:33AM

"Hi Ken, been inactive but looking to crank up again and have come to understand that I can never get enough training." - Greg T.

October 27th, 4:33AM

"Is there markets that are easier to trade in general,or does it change over time ?" - Len A.

October 27th, 3:50AM

"My comment is slightly different from most of those I've seen posted and it's this: I really love your fish tank and I've added it to my Favourites List (!)because it's a very original way of reminding us to focus our minds on preserving our trading capital and not to give it away to the sharks. I think trading psychology is the missing link in becoming a truly successful trader. Thank you for this really cool fish tank, Ken." - Cynthia B.

October 27th, 3:14AM

"I trade options and very few people discuss equity options, so that would be my choice. " - BillyBob J.

October 27th, 2:37AM

"have so many forex products hitting my inbox promising the earth and not living up to there hype,i really dont know what way to turn or who can be trusted any more, lots of money spent and still no better off, looking for someone to put my trust in and restore my belief in forex" - Darren
Reply from Ken: Hi Darren, agree. The first thing to check is, does the person you're learning Forex from have any trading industry credibility? Have they spoken at forex expos like I have, are they published in the industry, or are they just some marketer with a website (99% of the forex vendors are shams). How long have they been in business? Remember, since it's unregulated, any bs artist can claim to teach forex. Learn from professionals.

Look instead for help from good trustworthy credible people, like my colleagues Peter Bain, Kathy Lien, Boris Schlossberg, and Steve Nison. Not the internet marketer fakers out there.

October 27th, 2:41AM

"Dear Ken, do you believe in acting upon breakouts from chart patterns? If so, do you use them in the nature of basis for trade, or as an additional confirmation? I'd appreciate if you could touch upon this in the webinar. Thanks" - Aniruddha A.

October 27th, 2:15AM

"Ken, I have not attended any of your webinars as yet. I have just purchased your Gold adx mastery program. But from what samples I have seen and comments I have read, you seem to be the right guy to learn. Also, I would recommend you to have recorded webinars on sale on your site. Looking forward to ADX mastery." - Venkat R.

October 27th, 1:47AM

"New trader curious about using a phased entry process until the setup proves out and how to determine the breakeven exit point even if I want to stay in the trade." - Alice

October 27th, 1:42AM

"Would like to be able to know how to avoid false breakouts. What would be a good time frame for swing trading. Thanks. Like the way you trade ADX." - Lillian L.

October 27th, 12:30AM

"Using ATR save Money, I use to be Tony came late to the party, no more if the day ATR is over 60% I'll skip the trade." - Daniel B.

October 27th, 12:16AM

"I love your classes. I would like to understand what criteria you use to select stocks in current volatile market especially if you are looking for long term investment." - Srinivas M.

October 26th, 11:48PM

"Webinars that interest me the most are the ones that talk about volume, support & resistance, supply & demand and price action. Especially reading an intraday chart and knowing the price action for tomorrow." - Angelo S.

October 26th, 11:45PM

"Ken you offer great quality education. I'd like to see something along the lines of 'trades to avoid', ie. although it looks good avoid it because..." - Rob D.

October 26th, 11:35PM

"Is it possible to use trendline breaks and price channels in combination with your ADX techniques?" - Beb I.

October 26th, 11:12PM

"I feel my trading progress keeps getting waylaid by my search for the Holy Grail. I hope you can help. I really would like to get a solid answer on the top two or three brokers. Thanks" - Neil C.

October 26th, 11:01PM

"Hi Ken,
Following your strategy "2 days high low breakout" with the use of ATR over 2 is giving me good results not only in my day/swing trading, but also in options. I wonder what will happen when the market wil be in a trading range. Thanks for being a great teacher." - Aliette B.

October 26th, 10:58PM

"Hi Ken,
When trading a sideways mkt, what indicators do you use, if any, and why? Please explain/show real or example indicator settings for various timeframes. Also, what velocity or momentum indicator(s) you might use to alert you that the mkt is changing from a sideways mkt to a trending mkt. Explain settings you use and why. Thanks." - Mark S.

Reply from Ken: Hi Mark, great questions. I use the ADX to help filter out stocks/forex pairs in sideways markets, as it does a great job of "magnifying" the underlying volatility in whatever I'm trading (I use ADX >30 for forex, ADX >40 for stocks, step parameter 14). I use new high-volume cups, engulfing patterns/3 line breaks and more; will do re covering those in upcoming webinars, thanks.

October 26th, 9:51PM

"I like the way you show support and resistance." - Vernon H.

October 26th, 9:48PM

"I would like to see which indicators work the best for day trading and on swing trading." - George J.

October 26th, 9:05PM

"The only constant in all market is CHANGE. So we have to keep learning thing that adapt to the market. thanks Ken, for the updates." - David O.

October 26th, 9:02PM

"Hello Ken,
I'm a swing trader and you webinars on day trading has help me a lot in setting up a trade, ie., entry, stop, and target. I'm also beginning to learn ADX Mastery which I recently purchased. An early signal from ADX together with candle patterns tremendously helps me in deciding to enter the trade and with confidence. However, there are so many instruments to choose from that it is quite a challenge to analyze each one of them. Is there a way to zero in on the stocks that are potentially good trades? I could probably start with the sector indices and filter through the many stocks within that sector. I wonder if you could help in minimizing the search task for stocks to trade. Thanks. Best regards," - Joaquin R.

Reply from Ken: Hi Joaquin, good question. Personally I look at the various lists out there, like percent gainers/losers in the NASDAQ/NYSE using ctrl-L in eSignal, also the lists on and It's a lot of manual work looking through the various charts and stocks to see which have the best patterns, eg a trader should expect to take at least 20 minutes each day (which is actually a lot of time), to scan through various lists to see what's "in motion" (I like stocks with at least 1-2 point intraday range and volume of >1.5M shares/day, priced $12-$40 is where most of the stocks I personally trade are at, though I also trade BIDU/RIMM and other wide-range high flyers).

October 26th, 8:31PM

"I am a past student and use valuable information I have received from you and Steve during past seminars. My main problem is getting myself to pull the trigger early. Almost all of my trades are late in and out early." - Ernie S.

October 26th, 7:22PM

"With all of the head-faking that goes on with Level II quotes, is tape reading a dying art? Does one really need to understand tape reading in today's trading environment?" - Frank M.
Reply from Ken: Hi Frank, the head-faking that goes on does indeed render reading L2 largely useless (since decimilized markets in the early 2000s), however tape reading is the perfect countermeasure, since mms can't fake order flow; eg real transactions being printed, the volume, velocity and other signals, are absolutely essential to know, for intraday traders.

October 26th, 7:22PM

"Old trader, still learning, keep everything simple and relevant to market as it is today." - John H.

October 26th, 7:15PM

"A REAL Trader teaching us "wannabe" traders to be REAL Traders. Now thats Education. I hope your methods work in Forex as well. Thanks Ken." - Steve M.

October 26th, 7:08PM

"Hi Ken
Thanks much for your effort.
It would be most helpful if you could just give a why or 2 as to why you chose the particular trade over all the other available trades at the time and a why or 2 about the trade management particularly why you chose the stops and exits
much obliged" - Richard H.

October 26th, 7:07PM

"Hello Ken, Recently come across your comprehensive site. I have just started tentitively to trade but still at a loss. I would like to see live examples of forex trades that explain what; when; where and why to enter trade, where to place the stop/loss and graphs that are large and clear enough to see properly plus leading indicators. Hope that you can help. Keep up the good work" - James

October 26th, 7:07PM

"How do you trade on days that do not have a second day high/low by .15? Many days are inside days with trends or sideways w/o trend. What, in general, are your thoughts for set ups on those days. Also, what time of the day do you place orders? before open-10 min after, etc. How do the typical 10:00 AM reports affect your execution of trades? the lunch hour trade or no trades? What are your typical stop amounts?" - Charles C.

October 26th, 6:57PM

"Ken, I've seen previous presentations using ADX in Forex, what would be a good leading indicator to go along with ADX confirmations ?" - Len S.

October 26th, 6:38PM

"I love the way you teach and give me a lot of energy to trade the future and stocks. You are wonderful Ken." - Yong R.

October 26th, 6:25PM

"I would like to see a demonstration of how to use different time frames on charts to make trading decisions. Is there a proven method for integrating different time frames for trading decisions?" - Gary B.

October 26th, 6:23PM

"Bollinger Bands used on price candle charts seem to help me point out trends with possible entry and exit signals. How do you feel about that, and what other indicators do you think signal price reversals beside candle formations?" - Robert R.

October 26th, 6:01PM

"I like your explanations of real trades, and, especialy, how you use the ADX" - Rob B.

October 26th, 5:20PM

"I had purchased your "Forex Firepower" and have watched it several times and each time it has given me more confidence in trading FX. In addition, your tips on trading cups has assisted in helping the bottom line." - Dick F.

October 26th, 5:06PM

"Hi ken, This will be my first webinar with you and I appriciate that it will be about live trading. I would be very interested in basics like: how to distinguish by means of one ore more indicators in an objective way whether the market is likely to move up, down or sideways. I think this is the most essential to know before entering a trade.
I am looking forward for the replay of your webinar, because it will be in the middle of te night for me. It would be nice for me when webbinars could be at noon EST." - Rob S.

October 26th, 5:03PM

"I would like to know if you use any different strategies for down versus up markets/stocks (other than direction related) and what those differences are since markets tend to go down faster than they go up." - Bill A.

October 26th, 4:56PM

"How could your methods be applied to selecting stocks that have a high probability of trading up or sideways(and not down by more than, say, 4 or 5%)for the next few weeks for trading bull call spreads?" - David S.

October 26th, 4:47PM

"Please focus on the key technical indicators, criteria and strategies which determine the time to enter and exit a trade. How to not get lured in and stopped out with false signals. Demonstrate the trade mechanics in real time situations. I have problems securing a good bid price when there is an explosive breakout." - Mike F.

October 26th, 4:34PM

"hey Ken, it would be nice if you coverset-ups for short selling with a walk thr the short selling trade.I find short selling very tricky & lost lot of capital on short selling trades." - Pravin K.

October 26th, 4:25PM

"I like the live entries and exits. A review of the chart action and time/sales after the trade is also useful. thanks" - Jim G.

October 26th, 4:21PM

"Your presentation is very lively with clarity on the way you interact with your audience. The session allows for such interaction which enabled us to be able to grasp what was delivered in the webinar. Keep up the momentum to teach with passion.Thank you, Ken," - Alvin W.
Reply from Ken: Hi Alvin, thank you... it's the interaction that's key in my webinars, you've hit upon it. I ask traders to "let me know a stock ticker, or forex pair to look at" and I'll pull up a specific chart and answer traders' individual questions, LIVE during the webinar from my actual trading workstation. That's a big plus compared to the slideshow-only type webinars that others do, I believe. It's important to work with a real trader, on an actual workstation during webinars, so genuine learning occurs. Great point.

October 26th, 3:16PM

"I am looking forward to an experience that is distinguished from the crowd of trading webinars and gurus." - Neal B.

October 26th, 5:08PM

"I would like to see something on reversal signals when shorting a stock. I don't know how many times I've entered a trade when you've got two long red candles, then you get a medium green candle, then a smaller red candle, then the stocks shoots up, and I end up losing on the trade!" - Grace F.

October 26th, 5:54PM

"Your webinars are informative and awesome" - Ed G.

October 26th, 4:40PM

"Thank you for being patient in going step by step in why you are trading a particular way, very helpful, Thank You" - Jane F.

October 26th, 4:34PM

"Divergence Reversals and Correct Pivot Level analysis appear to be most problematic to define. Shedding some light on these two topics would go a long way to help read the market with greater confidence. Please help. Your previous seminars have been great with very appropriate subject matter. Please continue." - Daniel S.

October 26th, 4:34PM

"Never have I seen one of your webinars.Have read many of the comments and think I could benefit from seeing them.Would love to be included!" - Nickee S.

October 26th, 4:32PM

"I would like to know how to identify a market maker shake out and avoid falling into the trap." - James C.

October 26th, 4:30PM

"Ken this is indeed most generous of you to provide traders with years of your extensive experience at no costs - a kind thankyou" - Daryl A.

October 26th, 3:35PM

"Hello, It would be very benficial if you share with us the indicators that you use for trading, AND, how to interpret their moves in getting 'buy' or 'sell' signals from these indicators. Actual examples on the charts would be helpfull as well." - Amon C.

October 26th, 3:16PM

"Most interested in review of recent trades that were successful and of trades that were unsuccessful even though they appeared to follow your investing guidelines." - Carl S.

October 26th, 3:08PM

"Hi. I`d like you to address the issue of support and resistance - specifically how you locate themost significant zones. My charts are littered with s/r lines which is confusing. When does a s/r line cease to have resonance? Also, just a couple of questions - 1: do 7 day forex breakouts include Sundays? [are there fx pairs more prone to this?]..and 2: Does the market give any clues as to when a security might be about to exceed its daily ATR value on any trading day? Kind regards" - Philip H.

October 26th, 3:01PM

"I like it when you present and review the actual setups for a particular trade-the whys etc.  and then walk through the trade to see how it turned out and what different things transpired. You are a superb educator, Thank you!" - Colin C.

October 26th, 2:45PM

"Appreciate your efforts and willingness to teach. It's still like riding a headless beast but there is some rhythym to its motions." - George D.

October 26th, 2:43PM

"hi ken, in your trading demonstrations you seem to initiate/liquidate your trades by exclusively placing buy/sell stop limit orders at specific price points//it would be great if you could review several factors/indicators that you feel are most important to analyze prior to placing your orders--sort of a walk thru of the mental processes which are most likely to result in a successful trade, thanks for the invitation" - Bruce W.

October 26th, 2:35PM

"I am tired of wasting my time with all those who say they can double and triple your money and when you take a closer look they lose more than they make.  I'm looking for solid fundamentals from someone who knows the market." - Don G.
Reply from Ken: Hi Don, great point. Traders look crestfallen when I speak at Traders' Expos and tell them that it'll take at least two years before they can even consider getting close to breakeven as a trader, and that the more likely outcome is they'll still lose all their money. The truth is this is very hard, and anyone who tells you different is full of it. I hope nobody believes the claims of vendors promising great returns and double/triple their money, or trading in 20 minutes a day (that's a load of horses#!t). Be intelligent, deeply skeptical and realize this is a very tough game! Sounds like you do, so that's a good thing.

October 26th, 2:42PM

"Your webinars are always loaded with content and HONEST!! Thanks!!" - Rick D.

October 26th, 2:14PM

"Ken, i have learned a lot from your webinars,  it is the first time i saw somebody using the %R indicator. I am using it myself now, too. Looking forward to learning more" - Bente R.
Reply from Ken: Hi Bente, hmm thanks but I don't use %R. I use tape reading, candle charts, sector percentages, opening range 2-day high/low breakouts, gaps, ETF premarket indicators and S&P/nas futures premarket directional charts, ATR/ADX and other signals.

October 26th, 2:35PM

"Your thoughts on whether tape reading is a useful trading skill and whether only applicable to day trading. If you use tape reading, would you consider a webinar on what and how?" - Dennis D.
Reply from Ken: Hi Dennis - yes I absolutely use tape reading, had done some very well received professional webinars on the topic earlier this year; it's a "must know" skill that's good for both intraday and swing trading. I'd published an AT mag article back in 2002 on the topic, and spoke at the Traders' Expo Anaheim back in 2001 on tape reading as well. It's a topic that others are now copying, from what I've taught.

October 26th, 2:34PM

"Ken, thanks for providing these wonderful webinars. I'm new to trading and this is perfect for me to get the skills I need to be successful." - Anthony P.

October 26th, 2:25PM

"Looking for ways to eliminate false positive signals." - John C.

October 26th, 2:14PM

"I'm looking for technique & not special s/w." - Mike P.
Reply from Ken: Hi Mike, that's good to hear. I don't produce software, I think it's best for traders to learn the actual trading skills that can be applied regardless of software/charting, and that's what you'll learn in working with me. Software is a crutch and most doesn't work anyways (talking about the robots and green arrow/red arrow stuff). Some is helpful for scanning; ultimately your success depends on entry/exit/trade management skills though, not software. Agree. No special software here. Just real trading.

October 26th, 2:14PM

"I look forward to you webinars for tips and tactics that will help me make the best decisions at my amateur trading skill level." - Scott T.

October 26th, 2:01PM

"Need help on controlling emotions.  Need to trade like a machine." - Paul L.
Reply from Ken: Hi Paul, great topic, I've found that starting all positions small, and using buy-stop and limit orders to automatically fill me, are the 2 best fixes for trading emotions. Less money on the line per trade, and trades entered automatically based on predefined entry triggers you set, combined with using the techniques that successful traders use.

October 26th, 2:09PM

"Most technical indicators are considered "lagging." Please discuss any that you feel are "leading." - Lori S.
Reply from Ken: Hi Lori, right. The only single indicator that I've found provides any decent lead-indicator (and that, due largely just to it capturing volatility, which often continues), is the Average Directional Index (ADX). I published a popular Active Trader mag article on it earlier this year and also just launched my new system (see a real trade example video on the site there, if you'd like). Mostly though, trading successfully is more about managing your scaled-in positions and risk carefully than it is looking for leading indicators. As a former corporate statistician, and current trader, you're right about most indicators being lagging. On longer timeframe charts, 50/100/200 MAs are occasionally helpful as lagging indicators to help identify s/r levels, to use in managing entries & exits.

October 26th, 2:04PM

"Pivot/Reversals are high risk strategies that the interbanks and professional traders know that retail traders use, and use the strategies against retail traders.  Are you going to show us some signals/setups to look out for with these strategies." - Royston S.

October 26th, 1:37PM

"When I wait patiently for a pullback Mother Market breaks out (and never looks back). When I aggressively enter on a breakout Mother Market does a pullback (stopping me out) and then continues and makes a glorious runner. HELP!" - Sami L.

October 26th, 2:02PM

"Your webinars are usually very informative and easy to understand for me, a new investor in forex and e-mini markets.  I will not be able to attend your webinar but look forward to the replay video.  I would like to see more information on forex." - Jim W.

October 26th, 2:01PM

"I like to see a webinar on "Option Trades on E-mini S&P 500(ES)" for those conservative traders, who are reluctant to trade ES,YM and other E-minis due to unlimited losses!" - Samuel N.

October 26th, 1:56PM

"I am always open to learning how not to feed the wall street fish." - Alan O.
Reply from Ken: Right, Alan... I'd call 'em sharks myself. They're tough; we need to trade with vs against them, to catch a piece of the action when it moves. I'll show what I do in my trades.

October 26th, 1:51PM

"Ken: Loved your Vegas seminar last year - it would be nice to have a short refresher on your premarket search/filters that you run through every morning:
(e.g.:• QQQQ Premarket SDS   Spiders (SPY)  At 8:30-9:15 check these for full 1-1/2 hour indicators before the market opens
•       (1) NASDAQ
•       (2) Sector 35 day 30 minute (sorting % change from open) Most green and red which sectors will most likely get a bounce
•       (3) : Specific stock." - Bud S.

October 26th, 1:50PM

"Looking for ideas that have the most probability of success.." - Jim M.

October 26th, 1:49PM

" Ken, two techniques I would like to see both related. How to catch explosive breakouts at the open, which stocks are setting up for these potential first hour moves. I would also like to see more on catching explosive breakouts swing trading to catch fast profits on 2-3 day moves." - Marc P.

October 26th, 1:48PM

"I would like to see your trading tactics for the end of the day, say, 3:15 PM EST to 3:59 PM EST." - Thomas H.

October 26th, 1:44PM

"I have attended your Momentum Doubbler webinars and really learnt a lot from it. I'm very appreciate your enthusiasm in teaching... I'm looking forward for your 'Reversals' webinar." - Maria C.

October 26th, 1:37PM

"I'm looking for information on swing trading.  I trade equity options directionally and so I focus on improving my ability to quickly (and consistently) identify good entry/exit exit points." - Chip C.

October 26th, 1:17PM

"I would like to have you focus some additional comments on counter-trend points.  Please do both stocks and Forex." - George T.

October 26th, 1:08PM

"How do you assess volume in the market during the trading day-which indicator do you use? Can you explain difference between volume and on balance volume charts? Thanks." - Pam H.

October 26th, 1:47PM

"I have somewhat successfully been day trading ES minis for some time and would like more ideas like when to stand aside." - Wayne F.

October 26th, 1:45PM

"How do you ditermine that a stock is ready to move up in price and a call option would be right?" - Winston H.

October 26th, 1:44PM

"I would like to know if there are certain signals to look for before an entry or exit.." - Randall M.

October 26th, 1:44PM

"As someone who has not traded before my comment is to include more things that make people like me interested and able to trade" - Hyacinth E.

October 26th, 1:43PM

"Is there any trading software package that is worth the cost? I am deluged with ads from ART, VantagePoint, eSignal, etc. Has anyone found them to give any edge that you don't get from studying charts regularly and consistently and applying sound technical analysis principles." - Pete P.
Reply from Ken: Hi Pete, for free charts I like and; I started off using Medved's "quotetracker" (free) back in the late 90s, then went with eSignal in 1999 and have been a customer/fan ever since, they're great. I also use for my broker since commissions are only $1 each and their trading platform is excellent.

October 26th, 1:41PM

"Your webinars teach one something so they can they can then trade on their own, not these phony webinars where the only purpose is to sell one subscriptions." - Melvin C.
Reply from Ken: Hi Melvin, right - glad you noticed! I like to over-deliver with solid content, not pitches like the internet-marketers-pretending-to-be-traders/vendors do. I don't make a lot of money from my trading business, but at least I can sleep well at night. That matters.

October 26th, 1:36PM

"Hi Ken, thank you for the invitation.  I have yet to attend one of your webinars, but this looks excellent.  For future webinars, I can think of two things that would help (at least me) tremendously:
1)  how to effectively use covered calls on stocks already in an investors portfolio (and when and when not to use);
2) how much money to use per trade, and what % gain to look for, in order to offset the costs of short term and frequent trading commissions.
thank you" - Walter N.

October 26th, 1:32PM

"I need to know the best entry and exit points for individual stocks using established reliable technical indicators. I find it hard to exit a winning trade while it is still a winner." - Gordon C.

October 26th, 1:28PM

"I need to be more consistant with my trading. I have been trading emini's NQ and ES, but the last few weeks started trading the 6E off ninjatrader." - Carlo M.

October 26th, 1:25PM

"Very interested in strategy for election" - Ed B.
Reply from Ken: Hi Ed, Vote GOP! Small government, less taxes, just say no to socialized medicine? No entitlements and handouts, people should actually WORK for a living?
Oh you meant a TRADING strategy.. hmm ok will give it some thought (lol). Typically markets have an initial kneejerk-reaction, a correction, then a major trend resumes (as with FOMC release days, but in this case, on a swing trading basis). More to come.

October 26th, 1:24PM

"I am tired of getting into a trade just before a reversal and getting burnt. I would like to see lots of videos on timing the entry." - Graham F.

October 26th, 1:21PM

"Pivot reversals are the game to play" - Jim L.

October 26th, 1:20PM

"I would like to know your take on volume and whether quality volume (up on high volume, pullbacks on declining volume) is a consideration when you take a position." - Jim B.

October 26th, 1:06PM

"i would like to see moving averages, and rsi , macd , and candle signals the most popular entries." - Maurizio C.

October 26th, 12:03PM

"I need help with entries and exits for trading the Forex.  Also, how helpful are Forex currency futures for predicting Forex movement?" - Mar L.

October 26th, 12:06PM

" I would like to see more webinars on swing trading. A lot of information is provided for both swing and day trades in the same seminar and since I only swing trade it would be easier for me to have webinars that are focused only on that and I am sure the "day traders only" would say the same. But thanks for all the great help you have given !" - Dave D.

Reply from Ken: Hi Dave, good point - fyi the reason I do that is because when I survey my traders before each webinar to ask "what kind of trader are you, day trader, swing trader or both?" most of the traders do both types of trading. Good idea though, I'll start offering specific webinars tailored "for swing traders only" and "for day traders only", for more in depth tactics. That's exactly the kind of feedback I'm looking for - thanks!

October 26th, 11:31AM

"Still need time sales help. it seems most trades are 100, 200.  i rarely see huge blocks." - Peter W.

October 26th, 11:38AM

"I would like to know fast and reliable trend indicators, and the places where I can find fundamental information to confirm the market direction." - Salvador D.

October 26th, 11:36AM

"How effectively trade options for profit? How to find the right stock to trade with it?" - Bahram F.

October 26th, 11:25AM

"I have been dabbling in Forex, but can not seem to be consistent in win/loss.  I would be very interested in seeing how Pivot Entry and Exit Reversal points would help." - Fred G.

October 26th, 11:03AM

"I would like to know your basics of intraday trading. What moving averages and what indicators work best. What are the perfect set-ups you look for. " - Patrick O.

October 26th, 10:50AM

"Am always open to new day trading strategies in this volatile market." - Frank S.

October 26th, 10:49AM

"Ken, I would like to see some webinars on how you use the Futures and Dollar as predictors to short term intraday price movements." - Sheldon B.

October 26th, 9:29AM

"I always look forward to your webinars and find them very informative. I like the fact that your webinars are not sales pitch for over price software that sounds good but does not deliver after it is purchased ( I wish I had attended your last FX webinar before I purchased some of the software that I did).  I have since learned that there is enough information from your webinars and courses to teach me how to trade than relying on overpriced software." - Wayne B.

Reply from Ken: Hi Wayne, well said. Most trading software out there is worthless. Promises of easy riches with pushbutton ease. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. I say the truth, which is that trading is very hard to master, it takes years and isn't easy. But it can potentially be done, if you take the time to learn the entry, exit and trade management skills, from a real trader. Just ask yourself before buying anything, "would a real wall street trader-in-training buy this, or not? Be tough on vendors, demand proof, or don't waste money on them. Most trading vendors are snake oil bs artists and you shouldn't trust them.

I end up "inheriting" a lot of traders who've gone to my competitors first, and found out the truth about how they wasted their money on those phonies, then come to me for genuine help. It's not traders' fault if they're losing, because many of you have been led astray from clueless fake trading industry vendors who can't prove they even really trade. They falsely claim to trade, the truth is that most don't. Ask for P&L examples for simple proof BEFORE buying anything from any trading vendor, to weed out the wannabe marketer pretend-traders, from those of us who are the real thing. Here's why. Caveat emptor.

The best way to learn how to trade is to sit in front of monitors for 10+ years, watching the dang charts go up and down like I did; characterizing their moves, how far they run, what the ebb and flow of buy/sell pressure looks and feels like every day, and paper/practice trade until you figure out what works consistently. It's tough, though. That's the truth.

October 26th, 10:41AM

"Good morning hope you are looking forward to a white winter always look forward to your webinrs" - Joe B.

October 26th, 10:39AM

"I clearly need a refresher course on trading mechanics-entry/exit. I recently got caught without stops, lost and now want to get back up on the horse. Thanks for hosting this webinar." - Victor H.

October 26th, 10:27AM

"Have you ever incorporated pivot point lines in your quest for key reversals, and how valid are there use ?" - Louis G.
Reply from Ken: Hi Louis, good question. I've tested classic pivot points and found them to be largely worthless (vendors who hawk those show carefully-cherry picked examples, not the average of how it works on all trades). The two types of errors in signals we see (speaking as a former quality engineer/statistician), are a) too many false positives and/or b) failure to identify successful entries (alpha/beta errors). In my real trading tests, I've found that classic pivot points simply generate too many of both types of errors.

Instead, I focus on things like price elasticity (ATR/average trading ranges), candle charts (hammers/shooting stars) and ADX (average directional index) to help with reversal signals and volatility-based entries. I'll cover how this all works in Thursday's webinar... thanks!

October 26th, 9:29AM

"You are the best at teaching others the right way to trade the markets.  I like the learning on exiting a trade best.  Happy Holidays!" - Larry W.

October 26th, 8:55AM

"I need help getting into and out of the market, day trading.  I look forward to your webinar" - Ken R.

Reply from Ken: Hi Ken, will do... we'll be covering roughly 70% swing trading and 30% day trading related examples to learn from. Tip: I personally start all day trades off as small-share swing trades, then I scale up into those that take out new highs (only), for intraday entries and exits. It's a great way to keep risk small from the beginning; I'll show how to do that in the webinar as well.

October 26th, 5:25AM

"Thanks for giving back to the trading community!" - Thomas O.

October 26th, 8:12AM

"How far back do you have to go back time wise when determining pivot points for day trading?" - Jeff

October 26th, 2:28AM

"Ken, like what you are doing for us. I would like to see a future webinar on swing trading." - Andy T.

October 26th, 8:28AM

"I am interested in being more confident about swing trading vs. day trading because I feel this is where the returns are greater. I would like to see your exit strategy on swings." - Jean R.

October 26th, 7:23AM

"I'd like to see a "few tidbits" that can help us get started vs. big courses of trading info that we need to master? " - Mike C.

Reply from Ken: Hi Mike, absolutely. I like to show traders actual trading examples and setups they can use. Also, as a former corporate trainer to over 130 Fortune 500 companies (back in the 90's) I'm an experienced professional trainer and can deliver content in a much more professional way than others in the industry... my webinars are very interactive, upbeat, fast-paced and focused, so you can learn faster and with a more practical, "hands on" approach.

October 26th, 6:54AM

"Will the Pivot points be used as STOP LOSS or Entry / Exit Points? Also, what are the Candlestick symbols used for Pivot points? These points I want to clarify – if I get access to your esteemed webinar – Thanks" - Nandini M.
Reply from Ken: Hi Nandini, good question. I don't use classical "pivot points" as taught in academic trading textbooks; as a real trader, instead I teach traders how to use specific reversal signals for Both stop losses as well as initiating new positions.

October 26th, 6:42AM

"I now use williams %R and need another technical in addition which possibly might be pivot points" - Paco S.

October 26th, 5:29AM

"I am in search of a successful trading formula  and I believe it might be hidden in your system" - Sohail

October 26th, 2:26AM

"I like to see: (1)how to get better confidence to day trade.(2)How to choose stocks to trade." - Gary A.

October 26th, 1:02AM

"i would like to see something about selecting the stock to use for short term trading." - Mark S.

October 26th, 12:12AM

"I would like to know how to position into trades and why. Once you are in, where you get out if it goes against you (how much wiggle room)  Where you take your profit; knowing when to let it run and when to get out.  (entries and exits) How you decide swing versus day trades. Enjoyed reading the comments below. Thank you" - Kathleen M.

October 25th, 10:36PM

"To use with confidence PIVOTS without fear and greed" - Rada

October 25th, 10:24PM

"What Pivots we use - is it the recent Hi and Lows on a daily/hourly chart or is it calculated using the pivot calculation formula. " - Ashok K.

October 25th, 9:47PM

"I like to see new trading techniques based on Technical and fundmental analysis.
" - Gamal S.

October 25th, 9:31PM

"Your webinars are the best out there. You teach trading the way you trade, having a well planned out strategy that works. I would like to know if in this up market, what indicators would start showing a topping correction that might be taking place?" - Tom G.

Reply from Ken: Hi Tom, thanks for the kind words. You're right about having a strategy; that's key to success. Re topping corrections, we'll cover that in Thursday's event, briefly I'm looking at things like inverse/short ETFs taking out 2day highs (keep an eye on FAZ this week for example), shooting stars on daily 3-month candle chart, and loss of prior day's low/2 gap down sequential days in a row for the SPY/QQQQ. Today 10/25 we still had a big SPY gap up premarket, though sideways in-session. More to come Thursday.

October 25th, 9:16PM

"Got any strategies for getting out of a 'trade gone bad'?  I know, you don't let them go bad, but if you swing trade and hold overnight, you sometimes get caught by a huge morning gap and find yourself in a place where you would certainly hate to take that big of a loss if there is even a shread of evidence that the price might recover.  

I know it is "forbidden", but I've sometimes added to those positions to lower my cost basis, hoping the market will trade closer to the new break even point.  This actually works most of the time, but I sometimes have to wait "a long time" to get there... case in point, the flash crash got me out of a couple of short positions that had gone bad, but even without the flash, the markets would have eventually traded down to salvage those positions. BTW... thanks for all you do to help your fellow traders." - Jerry M.

Reply from Ken: Hi Jerry, how to get out of a "trade gone bad?". hmm same as a bad marriage, get out sooner rather than later (lol). Seriously, I like to scale out of losing positions in increments, usually 1/3 to 1/2 the position at a time (for example I'm near to where I'm scaling out of overnight short-ETF positions if the market keeps on rallying, to keep stop-outs small). You're right on comments re adding to losing positions, sometimes it'll work if you can wait things out, but I've found in this economy more often than not things may go "Q"/bankrupt (like my circuit city and blockbuster losing trades come to mind) before recovery. So the tip is to scale down out of losing positions, using re-entry triggers to scale back in if they do come back, but always keep as little out there at risk as possible for downtrending stocks/fx pairs if they're against you.

October 25th, 8:59PM

"Trading system using RSI, BB and MACD with defined Trigger, Entry and Stop." - Danny L..

October 25th, 7:46PM

"I would like to see someone give valid, usable data on trading skills without constantly touting their own proprietary indicators. Just one or two tidbits of something that is different and useful." - Larry E.
Reply from Ken: Hi Larry, I agree with you 110%... the good thing about my trading techniques is that they're relatively easy to learn, and aren't proprietary nor do they need special software or plugins. It's good old-fashioned roll up your sleeves and check things like a) premarket futures, b) SPY/QQQQ gap directional bias premarket, c) setting entries and exits for swing and day trades with breakout and pivot patterns that can be used over and over again, and d) using position sizing to scale into winning trades. Plus more of course, like using sectors, TRIN, tape reading and my other strategies. And they can be used for both swing as well as day trading, to keep things flexible for all kinds of traders.

Here's some quick usable tips from this preview of my recent August 2010 Active Trader article:
Momentum trading: Using pre-market trading and range breakouts

Another Daytrading University advantage, in addition to learning from a real trader, is that there are no proprietary/black box software/hidden indicators that require expensive software. Just pattern recognition skills, discipline and a willingness to test things out thoughtfully, like a pro trader.
As far as usefulness goes, I'll let some of my traders speak for me in this video clip... Thanks!

October 25th, 7:35PM

" Explain what trends are as ways to watch how to invest." - Suzan P.

October 25th, 7:02PM

"In swing trading, how do I improve recognization and/or selection of stocks that moves in a good up direction to give a respectable profit." - Tom H.

October 25th, 6:46PM

"Hi Ken, I love what you do in trying to teach us, I would like to be able to record your webs and be able to study at a slower pace,also to have pdf's, powerpoint files and/or platform workspace files that I could study. Thanks" - Jean F.

October 25th, 5:29PM

"I would like to see some losing trades, and if you exit prior to your stop as candles print out suggesting that your initial analysis needs to be modified!" - Peter E.

Reply from Ken: Hi Peter, sure thing - see this forum thread for hundreds of examples of my losing actual trades I've made, as well as winners. Note the example at top, where I made $660 net profit in a single day with roughly 70% Losing trades and only 30% winners, thanks to using position sizing tactics correctly: Forum Examples of Some of Ken's Actual Recent Trades (with brokerage P&L screencap proof, including lots of losing trades to learn from. Mostly what I learned was, avoid trading 11am-2pm, and keep all stops as small as possible; plus use a $1 per commissh broker like to keep costs low.

Regarding using candles, learn more from from my colleague Steve Nison, I've learned a lot from Steve re trade management w/candles, like what price proves the trade wrong, often using horizontal support/resistance lines to help. For example if I'm long and wrong in a trade, the loss of a hammer low (plus a safety buffer of roughly 3/8 point, .35 or so, to filter for false breakouts/market makers/specialist running stops), is an exit I'll use, to scale/stop out. Same thing to lock in profits, for example if in a winning open long, I'll use the loss of a 10-minute shooting star low as an exit trailing stop to lock in a win. Be sure to order for Steve and I together, if you haven't already.

Remind me in Thursday's webinar and I'll go over a few examples for you - thanks!

October 25th, 6:55PM

"I would like to know more about pivots and key reversal points using candles if possible.  I trade stocks and stock options and consider reversal points critical as to entering/exiting a trade and where to set stops and targets when entering." - John K.

October 25th, 5:42PM

"Looking for advice on how to recognize (1) high probability chart pattern setups for entering trades and (2) patterns which signal it's time to exit a winning trade and take profits." - Bob E.

October 25th, 4:48PM

"This should be a great webinar, though all you do are.  Any topic that set is always useful.  Really exited to hear you teach on your entry/exit criteria in and around pivot points.  Thank you!" - Tami B.

October 25th, 4:33PM

"I'ld like to see more about scanning for stocks by technical criteria." - Carol P.

October 25th, 5:01PM

"I am weak in finding the ENTRY and EXIT points on a trade. This results in many poor trades." - Jack M.

October 25th, 5:45PM

"Trading is not as easy as it seems.Your webinar always provide an insight on how it is being done by a real trader with real life examples. Much appreciated." - Benny L.

October 25th, 3:24PM

"I too am interested in the basics and what to watch for in setting stops, recognizing pivot points... I'm earning money on the trades but also leaving a lot on the table." - J.D.

October 25th, 4:27PM

"Hi Ken, of all the trading webinars available, yours are the most professional, both in terms of delivery and content. Full of useful information (no filler), they are always interesting! - Barry S.

Reply from Ken: Thanks, Barry... I appreciate that. The main thing is to show traders how actual trading is done, compared to all the bs webinars from the phony pretend-trader vendors out there. So these can hopefully help traders learn how to "turn the corner", by showing actual trading examples that worked (as well as learning from the stops). It's a process. I need to slow down though, as sometimes I talk too fast in the webinars (can't help it, I get excited talking about trading, it's a lot of fun, once you "get it").

October 25th, 3:47PM

"Always appreciate your insight into the markets and your professional techniques. Also have learned a lot about candle sticks. Thanks!" - Gary P.

October 25th, 4:01PM

"I would like to see the different strategies working step by step , to understand them as I a novice." - Sonia

October 25th, 3:26PM

"How to determine how many additional shares to add to a winning position. When to move your initial stop up to breakeven. And when to start using a trailing a stop." - Edward B.

October 25th, 3:16PM

"I would like to know if the bond market trades opposite to
the sp500/nasdaq like the vix" - David J.

October 25th, 2:58PM

"Please teach me more about how to create my trade plan." - Cary C.

October 25th, 2:29PM

"I would like to learn one or two of the best trade setups that have high probabilities of being profitable in trading stocks. All a trader needs is one or two really good trade setups as well as the exits with them to be successful. I am hoping your website will be helpful for this." - Peter G.

October 25th, 2:29PM

"Every trader pulls something different from your webinars...whatever they are having difficulty w/ or are trying to master...just keep providing your webiners on how you "do" it..there's enough for everyone to learn from." - William B.

October 25th, 3:14PM

"I would like to see you add some ideas/suggestions for trading at end of day US time.  That is, setting up entries for the next day.  I'm in Sydney Australia and can't trade intra day in US time zone.  End of Day works well for Asia pacific folk like me please." - Mary M.

October 25th, 2:13PM

"I need help in reading charts and thier different patterns ex. head and shoulders,cup with handle,double bottom along with some rules to guide me in technical analysis. I have a strong hold on fundimentals, I just am unable to see these patterns in reading a graph correctly." - K.R.

October 25th, 3:05PM

"Ken, I am unable to day trade and I would appreciate any  knowledge you could impart on swing trading." - Phillip B.

October 25th, 2:20PM

"All of your webinars are great, I always taking something new from them to put in my bag of tricks. I really look forward to the next entries and exits webinar. In the future I would like to learn more about tape reading and how you go about knowing when to get in and out of your trades. Thanks" - Bill H.

October 25th, 2:14PM

"I am looking for ideas that may help me refine my fading strategies in a sideways market. I currently dont take fades on my live account because I just cant settle on exactly what I need to see. I like to see parellell Bollinger Bands and a good candle signal and I also use stochastic reversing in an over extended condition to confirm. I also look for support/resistance in price action. It sounds good in theory I think, but I have trouble picking the setups out of the noise on my tic charts." - Ryan

October 25th, 2:10PM

"Hi Ken!  As a trader with you for many years, I think your Trade Webinars should re-emphasize what specific basics beginning trader need to master before they move on to more of your advanced trading techniques." - Larry D.

October 25th, 1:54PM

"I have problems with pulling the trigger on trades. Most likely because I need more training on picking stocks. I also put my stops too low. I get stoped out and most of my picks go on to run. With all my problems I still make money, just not enough.So I would like to see you plan your stops." - Joseph C.

October 25th, 1:54PM

"How to hit the ground running on momentum trades to help eliminate the stress of seeing our trades in losing positions." - Stephen C.

October 25th, 1:27PM

"Things you take for granted are often entirely new to me, so I try to listen to everything you have to say. Every time I listen, I pick up one or more critical things, adding to the education that one day will make me a consistently successful trader. Right now I want to see more live tape reading webinars--in addition to the standard fare.  Repetition is important." - Leonard F.

October 25th, 1:041PM

"Could you provide pdf's, powerpoint files and/or platform workspace files?  I mention these because other professionals that I watch & follow have short video clips like you.  They also have some screen shots w/text notes as examples provided in pdf's or ppts.  Since their client base covers many platforms..they also provide workspace files on tradestatiion, esignal, ninja trader &/or MT4.  Something like your setup on esignal...saved into a work sheet file.  Hope this helps." - Dennis D.

Reply from Ken: Hi Dennis, that's a great idea; I'll work to figure out how to include that, agree re workspace files, like esignal .lay/.ch and files for other platforms would be helpful, along with pdfs. I like your idea; makes sense... thanks! -Ken

October 25th, 1:54PM

"I want to see how to apply intraday principles to swing trading with similar success rates." - Nobuo O.

October 25th, 2:02PM

"Some useful setups for entering a day/swing trading trade." - James W.

October 25th, 1:48PM

"Learning how to enter and exit pivot reversal plays will be very valuable information. I am really looking forwrad to this webinar. I hope this information will be helpful in trading the market open, as lately, this is when the market seems to move the most. Thank you!" - Michele G.

October 25th, 1:22PM

"Trade and money management. How to Entry and Exit, set stop and limit. How to leg in and scalping exit." - Wen O.

October 25th, 1:34PM

"1. how to add additional positions as trade goes your way; 2. how to set trailing stops as trade goes your way" - Jaime S.

October 25th, 1:21PM

"How to determine points to enter positions and trail stops so that the position doesn't turn into a loss. Also, determining the best setups for swing trading and choosing the right ones when you have many stocks breaking out." - A.S.

October 25th, 12:16PM

"ken,  as in HS, college, seminars, i was always hampered by lack of perspective.  best remedy was to establish what the intent and parameters  were that the instructor and presentation were to accomplish.  with these established before the presentation, the student would better grasp and quantify all that the instructor wants us to learn.   thanks" - Ron B.

October 25th, 12:18PM

" I always enjoy Ken's webinars, good insights" - Jack B.

October 25th, 12:20PM

"I would like to see webinars on money management, candle chart reading, trading trends and trend reversals in day trading futures." - Pauli H.
Reply from Ken: Hi Pauli, great topic... watch for my upcoming site for training webinars in ES/NQ/YM trading. -Ken

October 25th, 12:07PM

"Every time I attend one of your webinars, I get a new insight into trading." - Kathleen M.

October 25th, 12:50PM

"I want to learn your best indicators and in what situations you tend to use them. I also want you to tell me what indicators you do not use and why not. Is there any situation you do not trust an indicator? Tell me!" Owe F.

October 25th, 12:57PM

"I would like to know what you do and what time for premarket,or before taking new trades." - Mike S.

October 25th, 1:16PM

"Comparison table and examples in PDF between the Swing and Day tradings for the entries and exits and profit targets." - Joseph F.

October 25th, 12:51PM

"Getting in seems to be a matter of how aggressive one wishes to be... getting out is what always mystifies me... if I have a stop it seems I am always being stopped out before the rebound... if I wait until the end of the day, large losses can be accumulated..." Neil K.

Reply from Ken: Hey Neil, you're not alone... that's a top challenge for many traders... I got frustrated myself in getting stopped out too early, or waiting til too late to exit, causing large stops... so I tested and figured out a lot of new position-scaling tactics that I use in combination with candle charts and my momentum breakout patterns, to help solve that... I'll cover a lot in this upcoming Thursday night webinar... be sure to ask questions... see you there.

October 25th, 12:35PM

"Nice to have your trainings in one spot. Maybe add webinars of other educators you trust and believe in. Have registration links to all webinars on the calendar? Thank you. -Bret H.

October 25th, 1:07PM

"Account management - how to protect principal" - Les B.

October 25th, 1:01PM

"How floor trader pivots impact your trading models? How does /ES differ from normal stock trading?  from Forex? What are some times we need to consider if we have only been trading stocks?" - Bob W.

October 25th, 12:42PM

"how to scan for possible daytrading and swing trading stocks before the market opens or at the end of a traing day." - Fay B.

October 25th, 1:01PM

"Proper entry on the ES is my current "holy grail".  I think have good reasons/indicators, etc, for entering a trade and all too often it goes into an extended period of time in the wrong direction.  I would love to see consistent green (even if only for a few ticks) after I enter a trade rather than red." - Ted R.

October 25th, 12:59PM

"I would like to see links to some of your other main websites" - Bryan P.

October 25th, 12:40PM

"How do you calculate where to scale up with the momentum doubler?" - Bill P.
Reply from Ken: Hi Bill, good question. It depends entirely upon the price above which you're in the money by, with unrealized P&Ls... so for example I'll add to a winning trade once it's in the money by at least $20-$50, by doubling the share size. In terms of chart patterns, in general I'll start with .35 above the 2-day high for intraday trades, and just beyond 1ATR (average trading range) for swings. I cover more in my webinar, that's the brief notes to practice papertrading with, to help get started. -Ken

October 25th, 12:36PM

"Your new site is great news Ken. looking forward to attending webinars for swing trading the Forex market. keep up the good work" - Harry S.

October 25th, 12:19PM

"It would be great as a new trader to learn how to pick excellent entry points using pivot highs and lows!" - Maureen H.

October 25th, 12:19PM

"Will you explain your methodology for setting pivots?" - Paul S.
Reply from Ken: Yes, Paul, that's the topic. I'll be covering dozens of different charts and how I set specific entries and exits with them in this upcoming Thursday night webinar. Look forward to seeing you, and everyone else, there at the live event. Bring questions if you wish; we'll pull up charts together as a team to spot entries and exits. -Ken

October 25th, 12:12PM

"thank you for all your great trading information. It is very helpful,thank you." - Tomas K.

October 25th, 12:09PM

"To become a professional trader one needs to learn what the professionals know." - Paul M.

October 25th, 11:52AM

"What I like to see in seminars are actual samples of good trades and decisions you, Ken made in getting in and out of the trade. I can learn with theoretical explanation, but seeing a good trade in front of me and having it explained makes me understand best." - Elke W.

October 25th, 11:56AM

"Interested in trading ETFs, but even with stocks entry and exit have been a challenge , so want to learn the best methods for success." - Don P.

October 25th, 11:32AM

"I always get caught out either on entry or exit for trading the indices. This webinar seems to be right down my street." - Mike T.

October 25th, 11:48AM

"Would like to see more detail covering scaling in and out and protecting capital." - Steve
Reply from Ken: Great topic, Steve... that's what my recent popular trading webinar series 3-webinar event was all about... the traders were very positive in all their comments about what they learned, since I used actual real trading examples to teach how to scale in/out of positions. I may repeat that next year sometime, stay tuned! -Ken

October 25th, 11:43AM

"Looking at trading ETF in my IRA" - Leo

October 25th, 11:48AM

"An archive section to view highlights or topics from past webinars would be helpful." - Bill H.

October 25th, 11:43AM

"Looking at trading ETF in my IRA" - Leo

October 25th, 12:29PM

"I like everything you offer with every webinar I have attended. The going over of all the subjects you cover has helped me refresh other material that I might have forgotten about or didn't understand the first time over.

Your webinars have helped improve how I have been trading. What ever improvements you add will be a plus for all who attend your webinars. Thanks Ken.." - Ed C.

Reply from Ken: Thanks, Ed -- I appreciate your comments very much. Glad to hear they've resulted in improvements in how you've been trading!

October 25th, 12:06PM

"Now Pivot Points are definitely something I need to know more about." - Chris M.

Reply from Ken: Right, Chris. This upcoming Thursday night webinar will cover not only how to initiate new pivots in stocks/fx pairs/ES patterns that are "bouncing", but even more importantly, you'll learn how to lock in profits on open winning positions by identifying specific reversal signals (including cups/hammers/shooting stars/volume changes/2day lows) to help EXIT winning open positions. -Ken

October 25th, 11:53AM

"I would like to see more potential specific trade setups. Always look forward to seeing your webinars Ken!" - Joel

October 25th, 11:48AM

"How inter-market analysis helps in confirming or warning on potential trades." - Harold H.

October 25th, 11:45AM

"I would like to see a webinar on creating your watchlists. How do you find the stocks to watch. Is there a site to find out which sectors are moving now? How many stocks is
resonable to watch or is it that you watch two or three stocks in each sector on a continuous basis?" - Jean

October 25th, 11:38AM

"I have a tool that does calculate daily pivot points. Is there any charting system that includes these without calculation by the user?" - Earl M.

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